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Even in the Southern United States Old Man Winter can take it’s toll on morale. Usually for me, winter blues are offset by well placed distractions like the thrill of another season of football coming to it’s climactic season finale, or the opening of hunting season with it’s allure of fresh venison. Unfortunately this year […]

The Fruit Trees

Posted: 27th July 2011 by Joe Prepper in Orchard, Permaculture
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The first year we planted rye grass as the picture shows then turned it into the soil the next spring.  With the help of family we planted brown turkey and Celeste fig trees, a peach tree, an apple tree and a Bartlett pear tree. We also planted two meyer lemon trees, a grapefruit, an orange, […]

I decided to add some more paths through the woods about a year after we cleared the acre for the house and  the property lines.  After a lot of thought I also removed a lot of the mulch  in the front yard(future orchard) area and leveled it with a boxblade.  I hated to lose the […]