A few minuted under the hose before new bedding.

A few minutes under the hose before new bedding.


The Khaki Campbell’s are a hoot. They were moved from their brood pen, a 110 gallon tub in a separated pen inside the chicken yard. They run around and play all day and sleep huddled together. If you take the water hose near the pen they raise up and flap their wings wanting a spray. Then they run around in the water like children at a water park. We plan to add a small pond/water feature for them, but I am still working out the logistics. They dirty water just by looking at it, so easy drainage to multiple areas or a catch basin is a must.




Broody Hen in new box.

Broody Hen in new box.


Our Buff Orpington Broody hen had a tough first night in her new pen. She lost some feathers and 6 of her 8 eggs. Possum is my guess. We have her back in the hen house locked up a night, and the Dog out there too. I really need to get some electrical net. We are letting her set on the two eggs rather than start a whole new batch. I gotta say, it was really sad seeing her try to pick up the pieces of shells and put them back in her nest.




Wut Chu Doin?

Wut Chu Doin?


Of the three Silkies we got in hopes of having a broody hens to set eggs, we lost 2 the first week. Not sure why. The day we got em it was near freezing and it is possibl they got chilled during the process of everyone looking at them. They did not act sick, ate, pooped and drank. Then in one day looked weak and we lost one then the other that night about 4 days after getting them I think.  The last one…a day older than the others, survived and is nuts. She is still in the living room in a big pen. She will jump in your hand and will “dance”with her head and feet if you talk to her. She likes her head rubbed too. We tried to find some chicks her age , but had no luck. She is quite possibly the ugliest chick I have ever seen and I’m not even convinced she is a Silkie, though this is our first and the seller swears by it. 🙂 We are not sure what we will do with her now….but she is a part of the team so I guess we will see what she looks later. For now she looks like a punk rocker.

IMG_4273 (Medium)


The two Lionheads are doing well. Really friendly and love being handled. We are looking for a good buck.







Outside their box the first night.

Outside their box the first night.

Snuggling Bunnies....

Snuggling Bunnies….


Sugar, our NZ Doe, raised out her kits just fine. They all seem to be doing fine and are eating some pellets now. The kids handle them a lot now and they seem to like it. Sugar seems to like the down time now that they are so feisty.





Buck...or Bella enjoying the pen.

Buck…or Bella enjoying the pen.

So here is the big surprise! I feel like such a dope and here’s the back story. We picked up a “Buck” rabbit years back before we started breeding meat rabbits. He has been extremely healthy and lived alone for a few years until we decided to raise meat rabbits and got our New Zealand Doe and Californian Buck. When we got the NZ we decided to put ole Buck with her first. He had been so long without a girl I felt it only right, plus I was curious as to what kind of meat rabbit would be produced. So we put Sugar in the cage with Buck and…..nothing. We tried again and nothin. We even tried to help him along and nothin. We figured the old guy just lost his mojo somewhere along the way. So Sugar went in with the Cali male BigMack and they did what rabbits do. Sooooooooo…today we  were rearranging cages making room to grow out the kits and get more breeder stock for line breeding. We put Buck and BigMack in the yard pen to run around a while. Well, BigMack went straight for Buck and mounted “him”. Hmmmmm….well, I’ve seen worse, but curiously got the best of us and we flipped ole’ Buck over and sure nuff………. he had changed sexes on us. Yup, that’s my story and I am stickin to it. In fairness to me, he was sold as a buck, and since we were not breeding at the time, I never thought to sex him. Plus the girls handle the rabbits 🙂 We will see what happens in 28 days. Chalk this one up as a learning experience.

This is all so much fun, even with the ups and downs. We continue to build our knowledge base and fondness for homesteading. Till next time!



  1. Jessie says:

    Glad to hear (most) of the animals are happy, especially the ducks!
    Are the ducks able to be handled ok?