Zone 1 Path update.

Posted: 21st March 2013 by Joe Prepper in Animals, On The Homestead, Projects

IMG_3770 (Medium)With several other things going on, the path work is going a little slower than planned.  We are taking it a section at a time and trying to remove the sod or grass first. Then remove the top few inches of good soil and set it aside for use either in the garden or as a raised flower bed beside the paths. We plan to add a layer of newspaper down then 3 inches of wood chips. Doing this by hand will definitely make you appreciate how much labor goes into moving just a little dirt. If I had a bobcat or a tractor (mine has been down for months) I could do this in a few hours. As it is, it may take a few weekends .

My wife decided to give it a go, and much to her delight, her hens came running to see what “Mama Hen” was diggin up. IMG_3768 (Medium)Every few whacks of the mattock would uncover some juicy delight that would send the chickens into a frenzy. Digging in the newly exposed dirt was just too much to resist for the curious egg machines. My wife, after loosening a scoop or two, would uncover a tasty morsel and proudly call the flock over to show them her accomplishment by doing her special secret chickin callin’ clucks/alien clicking sounds. That would bring about an outcry from the mob and a roadrunner sprint to see who could get there first, grab the grub and take off, usually starting something akin to The Great Race . Of course Steve, the Roo, could not be outdone by the red headed showoff.  In response, he would frantically start looking for something to give to his girls, a few times apparently trying to fake them out with a twig or blade of grass. You can’t blame a guy for tryin’.  I myself stood back taking pictures, laughing, and pointing out places to my dear bride that I just knew might be concealing another trophy worm. If we had more daylight I think I could have got the paths finished as I was pointing out places and cheering her on quite nicely.


IMG_3769 (Medium) IMG_3765 (Medium)

In the end we will call the path ” Chickin Diggin Lane” or some such, to commemorate the funny, yet productive methods used in it’s creation. I don’t feel at all guilty either. It took me a decade to realize she was, in fact, strong enough to take out the garbage..she just let me feel more manly by allowing me to do it. In truth, I put in my time on the paths for sure.  Before I knew it, she had me out there filling up wheelbarrows of dirt trying to keep up with her. Now I just have to figure a way to make spreading all the wood chips an adventure.  I know…maybe we will let the kids have a “wood chip wheelbarrow” race!

~Joe Prepper~