The Fruit Trees

Posted: 27th July 2011 by Joe Prepper in Orchard, Permaculture
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The first year we planted rye grass as the picture shows then turned it into the soil the next spring.  With the help of family we planted brown turkey and Celeste fig trees, a peach tree, an apple tree and a Bartlett pear tree. We also planted two meyer lemon trees, a grapefruit, an orange, and a Kumquat. These were our first fruit trees so we were hoping for the best with little knowledge. The citrus trees were all  bearing fruit  when we purchased them and the kumquat continued to produce 50 or so kumquats before winter.  In retrospect we should have removed the fruit the first year  and let the roots have time to develop, or build a green/hoop house to over winter them.  Also planting them along the drive were they received a straight north winter wind was probably not the best choice either. The citrus did not make it. A hard, but valuable  lesson learned.

The peach is it second year and produced well.  I probably let to many fruit stay on the tree as the branches were hanging low and were bent. After removing the summer fruit last week  I decided I would do a pretty deep pruning this winter and let the main branches get some size. The figs all produced well though we had some drought and a few rust spots on the leaves. The pear produced one pear and the apple….we were just glad it survived as Apple trees are not know to do well in the southern zones.

  1. Jessie says:

    I hope the apple tree makes it : )