The Crazy Chicken Lady….

Posted: 2nd March 2013 by Joe Prepper in Animals, Uncategorized

Photo0281My wife made fun of me for months. The giggles and jokes I endured as I got up before daylight Saturday so I could get an early start to the much anticipated event. Maybe I didn’t get the memo, but I never felt unmanly attending the local chicken swap meets. Apparently my wife’s poking fun at me for my bird fancying got Karma’s attention. That, and the fact that I had been working my sneaky plot for months, led to today’s events. Please let the Blog Record forever reflect that after a sleepless night of anticipation, my wife woke up like a crazed child who had been waiting on the fat guy in the red suit.  Much out of fashion for her, she literally leapt out of bed, full stride, with the joyous announcement that today was in fact, the chicken swap meet.

About 9 months ago, after enduring the typical, once a month, Saturday morning chicken jokes from the wife, my son and I struck out for a day of bird buying adventure. My well laid plan was about to come together.  We found a terrific breeder and I picked out the cutest little Buff Orpingtons I could find.  During the trip home I knew the hook would soon be set. In fairness to me, she really didn’t need much bait. As I recall it took all of 30 minutes for my wife to get all sappy and go “all in” on the chicken keeping. Of course how could I have predicted what would come next.

I think the transition of our home to “Chicken Theme” started in the kitchen with some simple hand towels. The truth is, I liked the chicken country look, so I’ll admit to buying them, but how was I to know what that innocent purchase would unleash. The rooster clock may have been next, followed by floor mats, canisters, and much, much more. Most recently a fancy rooster table cloth from some ritzy company…Willy Somenoma or something, that my wife was all to happy to catch on super sale.

Fast forward, and today she’s admittedly really close to being “that Crazy Chicken Lady”. Personally I think it is hilarious, and find great pleasure in the ironic predawn honking of the horn as my wife wildly announces that we’re running behind and of course “all the good birds will have been taken”.  Joke is on me though. See the next posts for all the new birds “we” got.