Spring is in the air……..

Posted: 26th February 2013 by Joe Prepper in Animals, On The Homestead

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Steve on high alert.

Breeding on the homestead is all  a part of self sufficiency. Our rooster seems to be willing to do his part. My wife took this picture and later said she felt a little guilty for not only watching, but hoping they would still be there when she got back with the camera.

We are planning to pick up some more Orpingtons, maybe Lavenders, this weekend. Since egg and meat production are the main chicken goals I’m considering letting them all graze together.

We were sold 3 hens as true heritage Buff Orpingtons. The Roo and one other hen came from another breeder who also said they were full Buff Orpington’s.

They are about 9-10 months old and I’m not so sure based on the size if they are the heritage Buff Orps that we wanted. Some pics have hugs hens. We have two hens that are really large but since we are new to the breed I just don;t know.  I do know they are beautiful, very friendly, and prolifically lay delicious brown eggs. They are laying consistently in the winter so I guess it doesn’t matter. They are here to stay.




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Figuring things out.

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That was fast.


The same day Steve was strutting his stuff, we put Big Mac our California buck in with the New Zealand Doe. He also had no problem trying to help us along with our efforts to increase the farm population. I will update soon if we get some kits. I’m building some larger rabbit cages and we will use the three bin commercial size cages in the pic for baby grow out.

  1. Jessie says:

    More chickens, yum! (and naturally grown) How is the incubator going, or will you need one?