Animals on the Homestead

Posted: 12th February 2013 by Joe Prepper in Animals, On The Homestead

Just a few random pics of the animals we have on the homestead now.

IMG_0727 (Medium)

Steve our Buff rooster on the alert!

IMG_0632 (Medium) (2)

Steve sending the “All Clear” sign to the girls on their first free trip into the clearing outside their yard. He is such a good rooster.

IMG_0737 (Medium)

Max (Maximus) hanging out on the side porch after the rain.

IMG_0731 (Medium)

Sneaking up on a hen!

IMG_0735 (Medium)

Lexa playing in the rain

IMG_0734 (Medium)

Bigz our Black Lab easing off of hay after a nap. He hangs out here gaurding the rabbits during the day.

IMG_0653 (Medium)

BigMac our Male breeder meat rabbit eye-balin’ me!

IMG_0729 (Medium) (2)

Buck is an old guy, but a beautiful buck in my opinion. He is the most gentle rabbit I have ever seen. He will be retiring here. Just can’t bring myself to eat him.

IMG_0650 (Medium) (2)

Sugar is our female New Zealand. We let them graze in the yard often, but there is nothing like organic timothy hay.