This is a follow up to my blog post from July 4th 2013 where I went over a new conduit quail cage I built using EMT. That page gets a lot of traffic and recently I was asked to cut loose with a bit more details., so here goes…

It all began when I was a little boy playing in the…….. haha, just kidding!
I could not resist. Ok so down to it.
I did not have exact plans. I saw this build on youtube and decided to give it a shot.
Parts List
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This cage can be divided and used as a breeder pair cage, a grow out cage or a mobile unit. Just add doors and access to water. It is light weight, easy to clean and is designed with egg production and collection in mind. The eggs roll out of the cage and into collection trays.

Step 1

Measure and Mark 6 of the 10′ sticks of EMT 6″ from either end.

This will form the top and bottom frame and the floor.

Step 1b

Slide the bender onto your pipe and line up your mark point with the arrow and place the pipe on the ground

Step 1c

Step on the foot pedal and pull the handle back until it reads 90 degrees.

You will do this to both ends making sure to bend them in the same direction wink . Repeat on all 6 marked sticks of EMT


Step 1d

Measure your bends. It should be just over 11″ from the long tube to the tip of the curved end. To make this 11″ bend your “take up” or amount of pipe needed to make the curve is 5″. You can read about it here if it’s not making sense.

Step 2

Use a connector to attach each pair of tubes together. You should have (3)   8’x23″ frames.

Step 3

Cut a length of EMT to reach from end to end of one of the frames you just made. You can drill a hole through both tubes and use stainless bolts to attach. It will be offset from center as the connector is in the way. This frame will be the cage floor.

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Step 4

Roll out the 1/2″x 1″ x 30″ welded wire from end to end centered. It will sit on the cross pipe and then angle down toward the frame. The 1/2″ slope will allow your eggs to roll out and collect outside the cage.   Since your wire is 30″ wide and your frame is approx. 23″ wide, you will have 3 1/2 ” hanging off each side. Bend the last inch or so up as shown to stop the eggs from rolling off.

Step 5

Decide on the height of your cage and cut 4 pieces of EMT to length. You will attach the legs to the two frames you put together earlier. One at the top of the legs and measure down 24″ and place the other one. See the pic for the location I placed them. The floor panel you made in step 4 will go about 1.5 inches below that allowing just enough room for the eggs to roll out. I just took a quail egg and tested the space.

Step 6

I cut a few pieces of EMT and bolted them from about 1/2 way down the legs angled up to the floor frame. (front and back- both sides). Sorry, I must have deleted the pic, but you can kind of see it here
After this I unrolled the 1″x2″ x24″ wleded wire and atteched it to the inside of the top and bottom (not floor) frames with industrial zip ties. Then I made a top from cattle panel and chicken wire and cut out the doors. I will go into detail on this, the gravity watering system and feeder in another post if anyone is interested. You can get the idea from the pics below though. You can also see the doors I cut. The pics below don’t show the feeder in place but you can just add tray feeders like in the pic for now.
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Floor with 1×1/2″ wire===
1″x2″ welded wire for cage sides