Join me today as I talk about one of my favorite homesteading activities, keeping backyard quail. I discuss my venture into keep Japanese Coturnix quail, the Texas A&M variety, and why I think anyone who wants to become more self sufficient by producing their own food should consider keeping the ancient birds.

I  give my opinions on everything from incubation to tasty recipes and everything in between. Have you ever wondered how easy it would be to process your own meat? Well I tell you just how easy it is to raise, butcher and cook quail. If you plan on only using the eggs, well, I’m down with that too.

I answer some need-to-know facts about quail keeping such as
  • What type of feed?
  • how much feed and what are the costs per bird?
  • How do you make cages for baby chicks?
  • What age to quail mature and start laying eggs?
  • What are your feed costs per day for quail?
There is a reason these ancient birds still have a place on the modern homestead. There is also a reason why quail eggs are eaten all over the world from “Kwek Kwek” a street food in the Philippines to your good old standard omelet.

I finish off the podcast giving a few simple southern recipes that are sure to light a fire in your drive to start keep these most awesome, tasty birds.