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Spring is here and not a moment too soon. Even with the mild winter we had, the longer days and green trees are a welcomed sight. We had a really good peach set this year, so my fingers are crossed for a good harvest.
The Rabbiteye blueberry is covered in berries. I need to thin the bananas in the background since they did not freeze all the way this year…we might get some fruit. It’s good to see the scuppernong vines leafing out. Vines look completely dead to me in winter so it’s always relief to see those first buds breaking.
I worked hard this winter to protect my baby lemon fig. We a notorious here for losing small figs to various catastrophes. This little guy may have a future here…if I can keep the crabgrass at bay long enough for it to get established.
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Here the Jerusalem artichokes are coming up in a concrete planter. This is the second year for these guys. I stuck a tomato plant in there to see if they would grow together. That little fellow in the lower left is a sad looking Okinawan Spinach cutting.
I will definitely be posting more , but I couldn’t resist taking a few pics while I was out planting trees . I love all the seasons, but with the recent seemingly all day every day rain, it was good to get outside and see the sun.