Spring is on the way and we have been busy on the homestead. Join me as I discuss the day to day happenings around here the 1st week of March. Repotting heirloom tomato seedlings, and started more pepper plants and support species like moringa. We added a side line from the new muscadine trellis and planted some raspberries, Loganberries and Boysenberries.

With the good weather, we got some highbush blueberry cuttings started and a early spring fertilizer application on the fruit trees. I cleared and added some Arbequina Olive trees. A small project to create container planters from old plastive olive barrels has me exited to start new seeds for these 25 gallon pots. Join me for this beginning of spring chat as we get ready for daylight savings time and gain an extra hour of daylight to get stuff done!