:Today I talk about the Top 10 things to consider when setting up a homestead. There are so many possibilities and personal needs to think about when designing your property layou that it would take a series of books to discuss them all. Here I settle in on what I think should be the first 10 things everyone could benifit by having in place. .

Join me as I go from discussing home libraries and seed storage to equipment and tool sheds. Where does water storage and composting fall into all this? Well, I’m glad you asked. I have my opinion on that and lots more. Like most of what I discuss, this is meant to get your ole think’in cap warmed up and shift into second gear. You may have a different top 10. Leave your comments below if you do, maybe I can add a few to my list.

For now join in and lets talk about:
  • Food, Seed and Info Storage
  • Tool Sheds
  • Compost Bins
  • Water Storage
  • Kitchen Garden
  • Equipment Shed/Workplace
  • Plant Propagation area
  • Animal Grow Out/ Compost Factory
  • Guard dog/Run
  • Outdoor Cooking and Processing Area