Seed Starting : Winter 2016

Posted: 28th February 2016 by Joe Prepper in On The Homestead, Permaculture
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       Pepper and Tomato Seedlings          

We started the tomato seedlings in soil plugs this time. I was sceptical at first, but they worked fine. I plan on setting up an actual seed starting area at some point this year, but for now I’ve got some 4 foot shop lights sitting on bricks.You can see my original setup here. I added another 4′ dual t8 light.
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Growing in nicely!

I trasnplanted the seed pods into  repurposed water bottles. If you can find someone who drinks Fiji water, the bottles are thick plastic and square. I will eventually order some actual pots but can’t pass up  a chance to repurpose. I added new soil to the bottom and then covered the seedling with a few inches.
After soaking some moringa oleifera seeds in seaweed/kelp water overnight, I scarified and placed them on a heating pad to aid germination. I didn’t have much luck last year with direct seed planting. I will post later on thier progress.