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I ordered some Egyptian Walking onions (above) from a recommended seller. They came already sprouting, just in time for winter planting. These things produce edible bulbs under the ground but also produce several bulblets on top of the stem. You can plant these to get more onions or wait and they will fall over and plant themselves, slowly “walking” from the original plated locations.
I have them in a raised bed so this batch will probably get harvested.
The garlic above is a single bulb or solo bulb probably originally from Thailand/China. I got it from a neighbor who has been growing it here in the south for decades. I hope to keep it going here on my place for at least that long.

I planted this bed a few days before this picture and already the onions and garlic are coming in strong. I was worried since I didnt get this bed planted till mid november, but this was an unusual year. I plan to mulch this bed with wood chips but have had an issue finding a decent source.
This is a Spanish Roja garlic. I broke this into single cloves and planted in the same bed as the Heirloom Solo bulbs.
Here is the growth so far.. It’s been about 10 weeks. I wil be making a few walkway beds I will be rotating perennials through this year. Im starting with okra and squash. I may rotate to onions and garlic in the fall. 
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Once these guys are harvested I will be adding another layer of compost. The garlic is planted on the ends and the onions in the center. I also have a few georgia sweet onions in there.
I planted a few bulbs in this planter to see what container results I can get. If they do good we might put these puppies all over the place! Garlic and onions are medicine. They taste great too so plant alot and give some away.