I ordered some Jerusalem Artichoke root from ebay. I was intrigued by the so called sunchoke. Its native to North America. Grows a cool sunflower looking stalk and flower. The tuber it produces looks a little like ginger root and can be used like potatoes. Its weird that they don’t contain much starch and so are said to not raise blood sugar levels, being a good option for diabetics. They are high in inulin so they taste sweet and can make you have some serious gas.

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The picture on the left shows the tuber that I ordered. It was about the size of my fist. They are know to be invasive so I wanted to contain it until I got an idea of how fast and furious it was.
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In march I planted half the tuber in a concrete planter in front of the shed-quarters. To be honest, I forgot to fertilize it at all. The potting mix was questionable as I was given the planters from in front of a business that did not want them. I pretty much cleaned the cigarette butts out and added a little dirt. By mid summer they were 8 feet tall. The pic on the right shows them towards fall when the started leaning over. The continued to bloom into winter when I cut them back. They make great fast shade hedges.
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I haven’t weighed them yet but I would say the return was huge. The bottom tuber on the pic the the left is aobut the total I started with. I plan to use both planters this year.. I have added better soil and some organic fertilizer. Lets see what happens!