This is part 2 of a three or four part podcast about credit. I give my thoughts on the benefits and dangers of credit and how debt, when managed improperly, can be enslavement. Join me as I answer some of the most commonly asked questions  such as:  What is credit? How do I get a credit score? How do I fix bad credit and more.  Have you ever wanted to know how creditors decide if you get a loan or how they determine your interest rate? Ever ask yourself why you are a numer and if that is a good thing? How do millionaires build credit fast? Did you know you can do the same thing? Join in and I will tell you how, and so much more.
~Joe Prepper~
  1. jack says:


    I hope all is well. Your podcasts have been great. I am still checking back to see if you put out any more. Is there a way we can donate to the cause?