I decided to do a 2 part (at least) podcast on my take on debt and credit.In this episode  I begin with my belief that, for the purpose of exchange, all debt can and should be converted into hours of life. The measure of exchange should then be directly proportional or equal to the value we place on those hours of our lives and that of others.

I discuss how our credit score can be used to add advantage and could then be considered a form of social capital.  The way we view debt is usually a big factor in the perceived value of the goods or services we received. This bias toward a system of buying on credit can create a healthy respect for debt, or it can manifest in an unreasonable fear of it. How is growig a garden an example of debt? Listen in as I discuss that very thing.

In the next episode I will go into detail about the current credit system and how the the three credit bureaus determine your level of social capital in the credit world. I will discuss how to increase your score,  and when and where that score matters most. We will get down the the brass tacks that pin those with less than stellar credit to the wall…and tell you how to remove them.  This and much more next time….