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‘The tomatoes finally going in! I tried a variety this year planting some hybrids and in other areas my tried and true heirlooms. Here are some hybrid Juliet “plum style”. These indeterminate plants form clusters of grape-like sweet fruits. These went in late due to rain and we have’nt had much so so …fingers crossed.

I mulched heavily with old hay and used some Medina Organic Granular fertilizer. I prepped the area with some epsom salt to aid in calcium uptake to prevent blossom end rot. You can do this with tomatoes and peppers.

Also, What you are looking at where the tops of plants that were 8″ tall. I pinched all the bottom leaves and planted each about 6″ deep. tomatoes and pepper are a few of the plants that can develope roots on the buried stem. A rule of 2/3 buried is good.

Here are the peppers. I have jumbo jalapeno, a few chili, some sweet and hot bananas and I could not resist a bell or two.

Same with these guys, bury deep! It’s good to seperate the peppers quite a bit cause like the tomatoes, they can cross polinate. If your not saving seeds or your adventurous…plant away.!

I added some compost and worm castings to each hole. I have found that using post hole diggers to bury plants deep is easiest.

If we ever see the sun again these guys might do ok. I left the straw off hoping to get alittle sun stress before the rains.
Teachin’ the future to use a circle hoe to weed the garden. It’s not as easy as the farmville app. surprise

The soil under the winter weeds was dark and crumbly. Kneeling down to plant  was aided with the cardboard. Note the post-hole diggers in the ground behind the labor force.

Also I added a raised bed for carrots and such. I used 2×12’s thinking bigger is always better. Thats a lot of dirt in a 2x4x12 bed. When talking about how many square feet/yards of material my son summed it up best asking ” that fine, but how many shovel loads is that”? Lucky for him, me and mom took over that project.
These were taken March 22nd. I will get some new¬† ones the first day the sun comes out….or when the dove comes back with an olive branch. See you next time!