Bank Fishin’ with the Boys

Posted: 12th April 2015 by Joe Prepper in Fishin and such
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I was able to get a few days off during the boys spring break and we managed to sneak in a fishin trip. Unfortunately it rained all but one day I was off so we decided to cancel the camp out and canoe trip.
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Those bass just cant resist the tried and true cricket. Kids like fishin alot, but they like catchin’ even more
Ever hear the phrase “stumped”? Well, that’s just how you feel when you lose two bigguns as they run for cover. You can see the stumps out front that present a challenge for bank fishing.
I don’t know how much of the 33″ BFG mud tires it took to get to the area we were in, but I used em all. A beautiful spot, but very “snakey”, hence you don’t see the little lady in any of the pics.  There was a large water moccasin dead at the waters edge reminding everyone to be on the lookout.
One of the boys, after seeking out a better spot through a palmetto thicket, found a friend. This little garter snake stayed the whole time while the fearless fisher”men” tossed right over his head. We spent the rest of the day checking out places to put in the canoe. With all the rain on the way, we can only hope the water levels stay manageable. either way…’s hard to beat a day anywhere near the water.