Join me as I give a play by play of my trip to the local annual plant sale. I discuss the trip from beginning to end and some of the things that I noted along the way. Runaway carts and plant thieves! This is more of a ride-a-long chat than a “how-to” guide to plant buying. While I discuss a few of the species I selected, for the most part it’s a generic overview of my attempt to increase our food forest.

It was amazing a the number of people that showed and the excitement that was in the air. Bearing in mind that my region is not a retail mecca for exotic edibles, I was impressed with the assortment of not so common varieties of trees, plant and herbs. I could be wrong, but survival gardening and growing food is, and has been, prolific in the south. To me this has created an environment not driven off retail stores, but more from veteran gardeners passing knowledge generationally and the swapping of cuttings and seeds. The main concern for me is that even in rural America, an increasing number of people are moving away from that network of knowledge and in many instances severing the bridge between the master gardener elders and breaking a long standing tradition of learning and cultivating heritage breed varieties.

So for now, let’s seek out these plants that made our ancestors so self sufficient and keep the revolution alive!

~Joe Prepper~