In this 2 part episode I talk about basic homestead security and ways to increase the risk factor for those who intend to make you a target.  I break down the areas most important to me and give ways using common sense and new tech gadgets to swing the safety balance more in your favor. 

While security measures might change based on percieved and potential risk, basic security should be a consideration even when the current level of threat is minimal……as most criminals pick unsuspecting targets.  
A few of the main topic areas are
  • Preventing Intrusion (while at home and away).
  • Preventing Theft of Property (Diversion, Concealment and Physical Encasement).
  • Recording, Monitoring and Notifying trespass and theft events (Alarms, Video Surveilance, Audible Respose and Communicaiton). 
  • Self Protection
  • Bugging Out/Retreating (Weapons Location, EDC, Subduing Intruders) and Finally Bug Out / Retreat Evading (Rural and City plans, Auto or on foot, BOB’s and meeting places).
DIY-Dollar Store Window Alert Trip Wire (Video)
DIY-Keychain Trip Wire Alarm (Video)
12 Gauge Trip Wire Perimter Alarm
Door Devil
Night Lock Door Guard

Time got away from me so this will be part 1 of 2. I wanted to go back and add to some sections and cover some areas I missed.