If you grow, hunt, harvest and store your own food…you’re going to need to know how to cook it.

If you’ve listened to a few podcasts then you know I have lived up north, out west and down south…and each has it’s own cooking style. I’m not saying any is right for everyone , but southern cookin in hard to beat in my book. We take a lot of heat for frying things in lard and using too much butter…as if there is such a thing. With many people including doctors re-evaluating what is healthy…butter and lard are on a short list of stuff that is not chemically processed from genetically modified, highly processed, non edible plant byproducts.

Sure..there are a lot of fat southerners, but most don’t eat butter and lard anymore…we were all sold on margarine and Crisco or vegetable oil like the rest of the world. So now we eat all of it.

Vegetable oil sounds like it made from vegetables so it must be health..right.
Listen in as I discuss how we were sold on that lie by one of the largest food marketing campaigns in history up to that point.

I give several of my favorite southern recipes including: Creamy Chicken and Rice, Southern Cornbread, Fried Okra, Southern Friied Chicken, Black-Eye Peas and Steak and Gravy. 

Learn to cook those foods you have stocked away in your pantry now, while the learning curve is cheaper and the stakes are not quite so high…literally.