Bug out Bag or 72 hour kit, is there a difference? Do you have a bag that you can grab and go? Would you be comfortable with your ability to function away from home for three days with just that gear?  Can you carry your bag long distance? Can you AND you family members use the items in your bag in an emergency situation? Do all the members of your family have their own bag?.

We go from a kids sleepover readiness to being able to quickly minimize gear when speed and mobility become life and death. OPSEC is always a factor when moving in adverse or unknown conditions so some thought is given to the tame vs tactical look and when it might matter. I give an overview of my opinion on critical, highly useful, and convenience gear, and how you can label, pack, and ready your gear based on those three stages of need.

I talk about night readiness and the benefits of keeping combat/protection gear separate from your main B.O.B. I also discuss why I think vests can be a better option for grab and go gear at night and the importance of making sure your Bag and vest work together.

I end with a gear review on one of my favorite convenience item, the Jet Boil Flash cooking system and some of the accessories and benefits of this item in a grid down or “on the go” situation. Everyone knows good coffee and hot food make good soldiers and happy wives!

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Today I discuss the Bug Out or “Ready” Bag and the life supporting gear in it. I give my opinion on the style of bag I like and why. I also talk about how to assess you gear and organize it into three smaller bags from critical to convenience. We will talk about some of the hard questions like: