Today I give a live update as I walk around the homestead inspecting the garden, fruit trees, bees, animals and more. It was so nice out, I decided to use my small digital recorder and headset to record the podcast. Natural Audio with real wind, birds chirping and all the rough audio we normally edit out. Walk with me as I check out and taste test the thornless blackberries we planted this year.

I talk about our native and Red Texas Star Mayhaw trees, Apples, Pear, Persimmon and Rabbiteye blueberry varieties among others in Zone 1. Take the live audio tour as I check the growth in the backyard vegi garden and travel out into Zone 2 where we have bees, mullberries, figs and wild plums.

Let me know how you like the live updates….

  1. Joe,

    Crabgrass is a sign of a hungry lawn *if* it’s growing in your existing grass. If not, turn some goats loose on it.

    From wikipedia:
    “Biological control is preferable over herbicide use on lawns, as crabgrass emergence is not the cause of poor lawn health but a symptom, and it will return annually if the lawn is not restored with fertilization and proper watering. Crabgrass is quickly outcompeted by healthy lawn grass because, as an annual plant, crabgrass dies off in autumn and needs open conditions for its germination the following spring.”