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The  debate over which multi-tool is better is as divided as which gun is best or which boat or……well, you get the picture. The reason why is pretty simple. No, it’s not becasue your friends are idiots and won’t listen. It;s becasue different tools work and feel better for different folks. Also, what we need can change over time.

I’ll use a gun analogy since I have been working with the boys on shooting skills today.  People when first shooting, need a gun that they are comfortable holding. Accuracy of the stock weapon is a distant second or even third behind price.  The average person will shoot better with a mid grade weapon that fits their body type, hand , arm length etc than they will with a competition caliber gun that is too big. Of course if they can’t afford the item, it’s all moot. Same things are true for Multi-tools.
 So take this review with my grain of salt and a little cane sugar.  I like what I like. That might change if you do a review on a better product and I read about it and decide to try it (gauntlet thrown). .

Disclaimer: This review is based on my non-professional personal opinion and should be in no way considered a commercial or professional endorsement for a product. The information given is general and may not be 100% accurate, and in some cases, may be downright wrong. I do the best I can to be thorough, but in the end, Caveat Emptor!. Now to the Gear Review……

I happened on my SOG PowerLock Multi-Tool by chance. I was at a local flea market and a vendor had a brand new one on the table. There was no price and it was 5pm on Sunday. I had only heard of Leatherman up to that point but though the name sounded familiar. I had $20 in my pocket and asked the guy if he could part with it. He said yes, and followed up with….”you’re getting a heckuva deal son!”. Turns out, he was right!.
Out of the box this thing felt great. The opening was so smooth I could not believe it. Turns out, that is part of the Compound Leverage system which open and closes the tool using a gear system.

Mine came with:
  • 1/4″ Drive
  • Serated Blade
  • 3 Sided File
  • SOG V-Cut
  • Wood Saw
  • #1 Phillips
  • Awl
  • Bottle Opener
  • Can Opener
  • Flat Driver
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That feature makes the lineman cutters on the pliers worth being there.  You can easily get enough torque on the tool to cut through decent size wires. Also, the biggest drawback of the pliers on most multi-tools is that they are hard to squeeze tight enough to remove most nuts without stripping. The extra strength form the gear lock system fixes that issue.
Another cool feature was the PowerLock used to lock fully extended tools in place. I like the fact it is large enough to press with gloves on. It rocks back and forth with ease and I have never had it fail. The tools have a “cover” that hinges up to reveal the tools. I have mixed feelings about this design. On the one hand it does keep a lot of dust and grime out especially if you are using these outdoors mostly. One the other, lazy hand, it is one more step to getting to the tool. The good news is I think SOG felt it would be loved or hated so they made them easily removable as they just pop off and on via notched groves. I have mine on…..for now.

So what’s the verdict? I love it.

Additional info: The case that came with mine is still in the box and I had a custom Kydex belt holster made for it.