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We had a week of heavy storms and rain. After a longer and colder than normal winter and the spring extreme weather…..we were wondering if our garden plans would work out…..Looks like we need to thin a few out.
After some weeding and a little mulch, these little squash plants might decide to go vertical after all. These are planted on the Hugelkuture mound we started last year. My wife made the cool signs!

With all the rain, the Okra is none too happy. We went ahead and weeded and mulched, but probably should have waited for some dry, hot weather.
These were some of the best radishes I have ever tasted. Maybe it was the mineral dust. We added rock dust and worm castings, among other things to all the beds. I wish I had left some unimproved…kinda as a control group. Oh well…
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This is our first year planting potatoes in the garden, but I am hopefull. We hilled them for the first time then got a ton of rain. After 10 days they had grown another foot. I sure hope they produce potatoes….something tells me we would rather have growth under the ground. I don’t really have a lot more dirt to add to them…..unless I add it from somewhere else in the garden….or dig the paths between the rows another 6″.
Even though we have peas planted all in the yard as nitrogen fixers and soil builders….we had to add some to the garden, We will thin these out and relocate the transplants to wherever they are needed.  Notice the water below the sign…This contour bed held three inches of water.
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Here are a few pics to help get an idea of the layout. The paths are covered with straw. I will add a pic later of the bottom part wit the watermelon, pumpkin and okra when I get a chance. We will be thinning stuff out now that the weather is allowing. We are only feeding organic manure (rabbit and aged chicken), compost tea, fish emulsion and seaweed blends. Since this is our first garden here…we will see what happens.
Each path and plated row is 4 feet wide. We are able to get a wheel barrow and cart through the paths and reach into the beds from either side. The paths were dug out and the soil added to the planted areas for a rasied style bed. The paths can hold water now ….if we ever have a drought indecision