Where it all started for us.

Posted: 23rd July 2011 by Joe Prepper in On The Homestead

A few years ago we purchased a small piece of land with the hopes of moving out of the city.  The first year after closing on the property we worked to pay off debt, and put the house in the city up for sale.   Late 2009 we were able to sell our home and finally move to the country.  The rest ….as they say, is histo….well in our case it is the future.

This is our second year here, but I will be posting some of the work that took place in  2010 to show where we started. I will be keeping track of our ongoing  efforts in a hope to look back for inspiration and hopefully if anyone reads this…maybe even get some good advice or pass on what I have learned from our successes and failures .

As we strive to become more self-sufficient, my goal is to transform a small 10 acre wooded parcel into a homestead. Here is what we started with :

Our rural property was almost completely  wooded with mostly pines and oak trees when we purchased it. The underbrush was the typical thick stuff that makes walking through nearly impossible. The property is roughly 500 ft’ wide and 1100 feet deep and backs up to 100’s of wooded acres. One of the reasons I liked the property was while it has no running above ground stream, it slopes downward from the back   toward the main road ( a great place for a future pond and useful for gravity fed water troughs), but more on that later.

I did not want to totally strip the land of valuable top soil, so I opted to have a forestry machine come in a mulch out a 10′ path for the property lines and clear out roughly a 1 acre clearing at the top of the hill for the house. My thinking is that I wanted to be surrounded by woods, but have enough sunlight to get an orchard and garden growing around the house.

It turned out  clearing the property using the forestry mulcher was less expensive than using a bull dozer, and came with the added benefit of leaving the top soil intact. I did have a local guy(really happy I met him) do some dozer work  for the drive and house site. Hopefully I will get some YouTube videos posted of this soon.

Here are the pictures of the property lines after mulching:

A few paths:

and the House site: