Episode 1- Our Revolution Begins

Posted: 13th March 2014 by Joe Prepper in Podcast
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This is the very first podcast of many hopefully, where I talk about both the struggles and successes of our family trying to survive the changing times by becoming more self sufficient.

Come join me while I give you the REAL adventures of life on the front lines here on our 10 acre hill. Listen in as we talk about the gritty details of small farm life. We will be doing reviews on tools, gear, animals and homesteading methods as we try them ourselves. Continue with us as we work to become part of The Survival Revolution.

Also, sorry about the intro and overall audio quality. I purchased a new studio condenser microphone so maybe future sound quality will improve. As for the intro music…maybe I will meet someone who can sing. 🙂

Blog: thesurvivalrevolution.com

  1. gasmasher says:

    Hi Joe,
    Gasmasher from prepperbroadcast chat here. The site looks great and I like the first audio log.

    I can connect with a lot of what you are talking about that each kid is different. They don’t respond to stimulation or correction the same way. I have a 13 yo step son and a 7 yo daughter. They have completely different outlooks and for me it is difficult to make that switch since I am a pretty poor communicator.

    I am really intrigued by your thoughts about having a generational family homestead. It is something that I have been trying to work towards but didn’t realize that is exactly to which I was aiming.

    • Joe Prepper says:

      Thanks. My first few podcasts were…well, I hope I am getting better as I go.

      Luckily, Kids are good at learning from more than verbal communication. It’s a good thing too, because their listening skills don’t develop fully until they start needing money. 🙂