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As many know, it was a heavy winter in most of the U.S. The Coastal South was no exception. We had multiple days below 15 degrees and set numerous records.
This was one of many loquat seedlings that seemed to flourish in the hard freeze temps. Only one tree that was fully exposed to the north along the drive showed any signs of stress. A few of the leaves browned up. but other than that….it seems good to go.
Like the Loquat, the Strawberry Guava stayed evergreen all winter. We had about three inches of ice on the ground for about a week .
The ice and snow compacted the Hugle Bed. With the soil settling so much we will need to add some compost and dirt to this mount this spring. We grew a few perennials in this row such as chocolate mint, sage etc that I wish we had waited on.
A Rabbit hole in the outdoor run. Guess they are staying warm. Turns out we had a pregnant female in there.
Defualt 11
Although the dogs did not seem to mind the crisp weather, some of the semi-tropical plants might not agree.
Defualt 13
The Bananas were surrounded by straw kept in place by large boxes. I’m not sure if they will survive…but we will see.