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Defualt 3
We started our seeds using Heirloom seeds from Baker Creek and also some from our Emergency Seed Bank.
The Seed Bank Seeds we put into cool storage almost three years earlier. We wanted to see what the germination rate would be.
Defualt 6
Defualt 7
I purchased a heat mat and controller to help with germination rates. The grow out area was an outdoor shed where temps were still below 50 degrees.
The heating pad had room for two 72cell trays so I purchased two different brands to see if one was better than the other. I will write a review after the season is over.The trays were placed on thick foam to insulate and reduce heat loss.
Defualt 10
Defualt 1
The rays were filled with Jiffy organic potting mix. The eisist way to do this is put the soil in a 5 gallon bucket and add water. Mix until it is uniformly damp then fill the tray cells..
Soon to come…… follow up post with the seed varieties as well as germination rate info, which was very surprising. I will include pics of the growth rates and simple lighting setup as well.