Almost ready for daily update

Posted: 13th January 2012 by Joe Prepper in Uncategorized

Just wanted to throw a post down to let everyone know……you know who you four are 🙂  that I have been working hard on the behind the scenes stuff and put the content on hold.  I think it was worth it as i now have a good host site with unlimited bandwidth and server space. I’m tweaked to host podcasts, and should be able to easily throw some videos up (Let the gear reviews begin!).   I Also have some podcasting editing and recording equipment on the way to have some decent sound. Hey, if you don’t like what I’m saying…at least there won’t be an annoying buzz and static sound in the background right!


I have been doing videos and keeping notes over the last 6 months and those will get blasted up pretty fast now and then hopefully everything will be real time from there forward.


So here’s to a new year and a start to  The Survival Revolution!