The New Shop….

Posted: 21st May 2013 by Joe Prepper in On The Homestead, Projects

IMG_6119 (Medium)We have a lot happening here on the hill, so updates to the Blog have been slow. One of the main things we did was bring in a pre-built 32′ shop. This will allow me to have a designated place to set up my Blogging PC  and also some new pod-casting equipment that I ordered.  I was in desperate need of a larger office space to get all my books and gear organized and this was just the ticket. I will also be using half of the space for reloading. My wife will get her bathroom and an extra closet back out of the deal.

We went with a prefabbed unit because, well, it was ready to go. It has 2×4 interior studs on 2′ centers and 2×6 roof beams creating a floor for an overhead loft. The tin roof will be part of a large water catchment system. I will be adding a 16′ lean-to around the back side for equipment and water storage. I will be insulating the entire inside up to the roof line and adding paneling, peg board, shelves and workbenches. I am waiting on the electric to be ran and some lights go in before I can get really started though.

It also seems like all the equipment needed maintenance at the same time. Carb cleaning here, flat tire there, this lock broke and that light went out. I sure hope one of my boys takes to being a mechanic, we sure need one around here. That, and a decent carpenter. Speaking of which, we are also building a small broody hen pen and a few more quail cages. I just got in a pneumatic staple gun and a battery powered brad gun, and hope to make life easier on me. I am really impressed with the 18v brad nail gun and will do a review asap. It makes tacking together framing with one person a lot easier and for small wood jobs like transport cages, quail cages and bee hives it works perfect.

I planted some fruit trees and added  more “heat loving” tomatoes to the garden to see how they do mid summer.  I hope to have some pics up soon, but just have not had enough energy lately to get much done after the sun goes down.  There is a saying about a man being tired at the end of the day, but I’m to tired to recall just what it was.


~Joe Prepper~