Weekend projects update…

Posted: 29th April 2013 by Joe Prepper in On The Homestead

Well, it was suppose to rain here this weekend so I planned projects accordingly. Turns out it did not rain a drop either day. Among the things we got done using the extra time outside was finishing planting the fruit trees and plants I got in this week. I will probably do a more detailed blog post on this but for now we added 3 kinds of bananas, Gogi berry, Kiwi, Loquat, stevia, peach and several varieties of southern grapes. I also planted some clumping bamboo and 3 Carob trees. Some of these are for just outside my zone so I am taking a gamble since I do not have the exact micro climates that I need established, but I purchased 2-3″ seedlings to test the waters.

We also finished digging out and mulching one of the paths that lead to the garden sheds. It is amazing the amount of manual labor that goes into removing a few inches of grass and dirt from a 4′ wide path. We have used over 15 yards of wood chips and still need another 100 yards of material to finish just the zone 1 paths that we have laid out. Trying to find these for free locally is near impossible and at $20 a yard it is cost prohibitive to purchase the chips. That leaves me with waiting for more free chips, or possibly renting a big chipper for a day. I could have a large pile of wood ready to go in order to maximize the hourly/day rental charge. On my short list of things I want to own, along with a backhoe and tilt bed trailer, is a commercial quality wood chipper. Boy has my list changed. Never got the Harley I use to want, but If I had it now, I’d just trade it for a backhoe. Maybe one day I can add it back to my list.

I meant to work on the quail pens this weekend, but it didn’t happen. I did get some pvc pipe for the waterer and feeder. Still getting 2 eggs a day from the trio, but have not heard the male crow. Just remembered I was also going to vent sex him. Gotta add that to my list again. I’m researching incubators now, but think I might make one of my own just to try and see if I could do it successfully.

I took advantage of a sale ($29.00) on the Brinkman smoke’n grill and finally retired my rusted though homemade smoker. I made the recommended modifications and did the seasoning burn Saturday, but with the forecast of rain Sunday, decided against smoking anything. Wish I had now though. I eventually want to get a Weber Smokey Mountain grill, but with a $300 price tag it will have to wait. Too many other things I need right now.

It’s about time to separate out the rabbit kits and decide which will be meat. I have decided to make another rabbit pen and put this one in the garden area. Just makes sense to have the fertilizer so close. Since the area is full sun I plan to do some strategic planting in a corner with edible bushes for them and of course use a tin roof. I will have a rainwater catchment there to provide the rabbits water and use the extra, if any, to supplement irrigation in the vegetable garden.

The rest of the hours were filled with taking the kids here and there and fixing broke things that I needed in order to fix other broke things. Funny how that works. I wanted to build some quail cages, but my compressed air tank that runs the staple gun needed repairs. I could have just stapled the wire by hand, but I needed to fix the compressor anyway. When I went to the store to get the needed part I was sidetracked by the BBQ isle (where I got the clearance Brinkman above). That started another project (assembly and seasoning of the grill) in the middle of a project which entailed the repair project that started this circle. Confused yet, yeah me too. Oh well, I guess that’s why I am always occupied and never bored…. and up so late.


Till next time,


~Joe Prepper~