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Weekend projects update…

Posted: 29th April 2013 by Joe Prepper in On The Homestead

Well, it was suppose to rain here this weekend so I planned projects accordingly. Turns out it did not rain a drop either day. Among the things we got done using the extra time outside was finishing planting the fruit trees and plants I got in this week. I will probably do a more detailed […]

I just went out to check on the ducks to see if they were hanging out in their new lean-to and lock up the chicken house (we were late as we were trying to give time for the ducks to make it back to their pen). I went into the chicken yard, dubbed the Pterodactyl […]

Permaculture…one homesteaders view.

Posted: 24th April 2013 by Joe Prepper in Permaculture

For homesteaders looking to increase the sustainable productivity of non-mono cropped land, it is hard to discount the numerous benefits of  permaculture design. Like many things, the core concepts are not new and have been around for ages. The modern resurgence and subsequent title and definition of Permaculture includes what has become known as the […]

New additions….. Texas A&M Quail.

Posted: 23rd April 2013 by Joe Prepper in Animals, On The Homestead

I have wanted to raise quail ever since I tasted one wrapped in bacon. Today I picked up a  6wk old Japanese Texas A&M trio and after doing a bit of research realized there might be more to these birds than just tasty meat. The Japanese quail (Coturnix Japonica) was first introduced to the United […]

Around the Homestead.

Posted: 19th April 2013 by Joe Prepper in Animals, On The Homestead

A few pics from around the farm:      

  We continue to work on the acre or so surrounding the house. This week, among other things, we added loquat trees and blueberry cuttings. The lady I got them from believes they are Rabbiteye variety, but since they had not bloomed out when I was there I am not sure. I had to leave […]

Carpenter Bees…left me no choice!

Posted: 15th April 2013 by Joe Prepper in On The Homestead

  Carpenter bees show up every spring trying to destroy my third rate carpentry. As a bee keeper, and one who appreciates  diversity in nature, I try my best to live with most critters, especially pollinators. These guys however, harass my honey bees, and keep expanding their vacation homes at the expense of my stairs, […]

  The Khaki Campbell’s are a hoot. They were moved from their brood pen, a 110 gallon tub in a separated pen inside the chicken yard. They run around and play all day and sleep huddled together. If you take the water hose near the pen they raise up and flap their wings wanting a […]

Homemade waterproofing wax… preserve your investments.

Posted: 8th April 2013 by Joe Prepper in Projects

You ever walk into a section of the yard and see a metal rake or shovel peeking up form the grass. Was it attached to a grey brittle wooden handle.  Do you have kids too?  What is the solution? Yes, we can train the kids better, but the simple truth is sometimes we have to […]

  Today we worked on the garden beds. We decided to go with raised beds in the fenced garden area. We did this for multiple reasons, not the least of which was the fact that we have heavy clay soil and I wanted to go with a no till method. Dirt was at a premium […]