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Morakniv “Clipper” Knife Review:

Posted: 5th March 2013 by Joe Prepper in Gear Reviews, Survival Deals

I am always on the lookout for quality  knives at a good price. The quintessential survival tool that has the potential to make  everyday life easier. Knives, like most things, come in all shapes, sizes, quality and prices. For those of us that use knives often, picking one out can be a very personal experience. […]

Duck, Duck, Duck…..Silkie!

Posted: 2nd March 2013 by Joe Prepper in Animals, On The Homestead
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We have been looking for some Silkie’s to raise. After reading what good broody mothers they can be, we decided to raise a few up to be  surrogate moms when needed. I was particularly curious as to how they would do raising guinea fowl keets as I have seen this done with good results. We […]

The Crazy Chicken Lady….

Posted: 2nd March 2013 by Joe Prepper in Animals, Uncategorized

My wife made fun of me for months. The giggles and jokes I endured as I got up before daylight Saturday so I could get an early start to the much anticipated event. Maybe I didn’t get the memo, but I never felt unmanly attending the local chicken swap meets. Apparently my wife’s poking fun […]