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Backyard Pics April 2016

Posted: 17th April 2016 by Joe Prepper in On The Homestead, Orchard, Permaculture
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I took a few pics around the place today.  Every time I take a walk around the property I see new and exciting things. Here are a few of the things going on around here. The first thing I noticed was my Raja Puri Banana had bloomed and was forming clusters of fruit! I hope […]

Spring is here and not a moment too soon. Even with the mild winter we had, the longer days and green trees are a welcomed sight. We had a really good peach set this year, so my fingers are crossed for a good harvest.The Rabbiteye blueberry is covered in berries. I need to thin the […]

Muscadine wine and the southeast go together like potatoes and Idaho. Several generations back pretty much everyone around here grew Scuppernongs (bronze) grapes. When I was growing up many “old timers” still kept them religiously and they were known to provide homemade wine to their neighbors.  This tended to be much more acceptable that shinny […]

Winter finally ended and not a moment too soon for us thin blooded southerner. I posted a few pictures of the garden in April, so I will show you the difference after few months of growth. I also took a few of the Zone 1 food forest aorund the house. A new group of chicks […]

Fruit Trees need thinning during years where the is an overabundance of fruit sets.  With peaches, the general rule of thumb is thin to at least 4-5 inches between each fruit for optimal growth. More thinning may should be done on young trees with delicate branches. Here is a before and after pic of the […]

A few pics of spring time greenery. A much longed for change from the dreary cold winter. I know, I get no simpathy from you northerners but still….. 🙂 This Pineapple Guava had no problem with the Zone 8 winter. I am curious to see what kind of growth this little guy put out. This […]

Edible plant updates

Posted: 21st August 2013 by Joe Prepper in On The Homestead, Orchard, Permaculture
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It has been a few weeks since my last post. We have been very busy getting things set up and in place to do quite a bit more on the website and even a podcast if all goes well. The new shop/office is nearly complete so I will have a dedicated space to keep myself […]

Over the past few weeks we have been planting  the permanent food producing plants that will be the backbone of our food forest in Zone 1. It is essential to think years down the road when planning a perennial long term system.  Trying to design a system that will self balance and, without much input, […]

Edible Forest plants I want to try in Zone 8b.

Posted: 1st May 2013 by Joe Prepper in Orchard, Permaculture

Our homestead is considered Coastal (Gulf of Mexico), on the northern edge of zone 8b. Teased with “so close” mild winters, I can’t help but dream of the tropical plants that are available to only those lucky enough to never see a frost. It doesn’t seem fair that it stays too warm to get a […]

  We continue to work on the acre or so surrounding the house. This week, among other things, we added loquat trees and blueberry cuttings. The lady I got them from believes they are Rabbiteye variety, but since they had not bloomed out when I was there I am not sure. I had to leave […]